• Nicole Karaitiana

    Nicole Karaitiana

  • MM


    Awesome wife of @knowledgelost. Not suitable for children. Opinions are my own. Salamanders gotta salamand. INFP.

  • Emma Betty

    Emma Betty

    I have an affinity for Aldi’s wine, pizza and making terrible life choices. Not necessarily in that order.

  • James WR Rudd

    James WR Rudd

    Australian Writer doing his thing in the UK + Critic + Arts & Culture + Travel blogging and madcap philosophising 💭

  • RoseMary Griffith

    RoseMary Griffith

    MusingsFromaRedhead.com. Author of The Writer’s Travel Journal — for your adventures. Essayist of humor, grief, & family — they go together.

  • Kate Maraschino

    Kate Maraschino

    You know, like the cherry.

  • Angus Dalton

    Angus Dalton

    Writer from Sydney into books and biology 🍃

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